See You Next Year!

In an effort to enjoy the holidays with my family, I will be taking a brief blogging hiatus during the busiest most trafficked time of year for food blogs. Sigh. Doing the right thing isn’t always easy, is it?

Even though this blog is only one year old, I’ve actually been blogging for many years on my other blog Melanie In The Middle. And in all of my years of blogging I’ve never taken a break.

So this year one of my gifts to my children is no tap tap tapping on the computer.

But worry not. I’ll be back to posting sometime during the first week of January. Until then, have the merriest of holiday seasons and eat lots of good stuff. And be happy. Especially that.


  1. Good morning Melanie. Enjoy the holidays! We will miss you but everyone deserves a break and so do you!

  2. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and your family! We’ll miss you, but I applaud your decision to ‘back away from the computer’!! ENJOY!

  3. See you in 2014!!

  4. Enjoy your family!

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